14 Pieces of Bad accessories Furniture

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

You might know how to accessorize the ultimate man cave, but the right furniture can really make or break the look. Forgo the cozy love seats and traditional wood coffee tables for something with a bit more kutzpah. We’ve found the most Bad Ass Furniture known to man. Some are made out of real car parts, some covered with tattoos and some actually survived a war – all would make amazing gifts for men.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

F-4 Ejection Seat

Your work day doesn’t seem quite so bad when you know you have a way to escape. The F-4 Ejection Seat isn’t a replica, but the real deal that’s been welded to a custom swivel chair base. The chair has been left in its original condition to preserve its war-time history.  [Via Motoart]

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Firebird Couch

Car enthusiast/furniture maker Steven Shaver wants you to bring your ride into your room with his amazing custom automotive furniture. Originally designed for an upscale car shop, he now offers his wares to the public. The Firebird couch features custom upholstery colors, embroidered car lettering and emblems on the rims.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Airplane Wing Conference Table

Nothing spices up a boring meeting in the conferences room like sitting at the giant Airplane wing conferences table. The glass surfaces lets you peer into the structure of the wing and see the worn details along its surface. You’ll have a hard time focusing on the matters at hand while you imagine what it would have been like to pilot the old bird.  [Via Motoart]

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Junk Car Sheet Metal Tables

It’s hard to give up that old heap of rusted metal you once called a truck. Sure, she’s pretty beat but you still see the beauty in that rusty hood. Joel Hester from Dallas, TX shares your sentiments and turns sheet metal from old American cars and trucks into beautiful tables. $850

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Engine Coffee Table

This table’s got a little bit of everything… a vintage carburetor, brass knuckles and carved tattoos. These manly accents compliment the soft black leather and alligator and stingray skin set on top of its solid mahogany base. This hodge-podge of traditional elegance and hardy masculinity make the Engine Coffee Table a one of a kind piece of furniture.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

B-52 Mitchell Bomber Plane Desk

The aluminum frame is stripped down to expose the sleek detail of the elevators and rudders of this re-purposed airplane wing. The Mitchell Bomber was used primarily during WWII fitted with .50 caliber machines guns and ran strafing missions. Own your own piece of aviation history and use this beautifully finished Bomber Plan wing as your office desk.  [via Motoart]

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

747 Cowling Reception Desk

Not everyone who comes to your office will appreciate just how rare the 747 Cowling Reception Desk truly is. But real aviation enthusiasts will realize that only 2 or 3 of the jumbo jets are made each year and these salvaged cowlings are not easy to come by. Couple the desk with an aircraft seat and you’ve officially got the coolest reception set up ever.  [Via Motoart]

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Tattoo Skull Chair

Take a boring and traditionally ornate chair from some era we could care less about (let’s guess Victorian or something) and stick a cool Skull tattoo design and suddenly it’s looking pretty awesome. The Tattooed Chair by Mama Tried features kick ass detailed artwork by tattoo artist Scott Campbell. The dark wood and detailed black designs give it an overall ominous appeal that is undisputedly bad ass.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Jake’s Custom Car Beds

Quite the upgrade from the little car bed you had when you were 6. This vintage car bed is made from real parts and of course features an awesome flame headboard that says this bed is on fire. The hood lifts up and doubles as storage space and the headlights are fully functional. $4000

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Milano Bike Lounge Chair

What’s not bad ass about a chair made of chromed steel rims with flaming tires? The Milano Lounge Chair features inner-tube upholstery and is made of tires, handlebars and rims—all re-formed to create a cool custom lounge chair.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Oil Drum Rocker Chair

This piece of furniture turns the form and purpose of oil drums completely on its side… literally. The bright orange Oil Drum Rocker has a seat made of highly sustainable waxen smoked bamboo and due to its shape rocks slightly. Unlike some similar oil drum projects this chair still looks pretty much like its original form and is instantly recognizable for what it once was.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

B707 Fuselage Room Divider

Finding creative ways to divide your loft apartment that don’t look sorta girly can be difficult. We’ve seen those Japanese paper wall dividers, but if you have pets or clumsy friends it doesn’t take long to trash them. But a B707 Fuselage Room Divider should do the trick—no one’s breaking this divider, let along knocking it down.  [viaMotoart]

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Throne Of Weapons Gun Chair

Look, I know you like your lazy boy, but only pansies sit on soft cushioned chairs meant to perpetuate their weakness. Real men only sit on rocks and chairs made out of lots and lots of guns. Big guns. The Throne Of Weapons chair was made from all types of guns from all over the world but mainly Ak47s.

14 Pieces of Bad Ass Mens Furniture

Engine Glass Coffee Table

What’s a real man do when he needs a coffee table? He just grabs an engine and slaps a pane of glass on top and bam—he’s got a coffee table. Now it’s ready to be covered with beer cans and bags of beef jerky. The Engine Coffee Table may lack detail, but it’s the simplicity of the concept that makes it so awesome


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