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World of Warcraft Bathroom Makes the Toilet a Raid Boss


The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, has brought a new level of innovation and variety to the MMO universe. It shouldn’t surprise anyone then, that now about 5 years in, there are many “hardcore” fans of the game. One such set of fans, a couple, decided that their bathroom …
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A Brief History of Gaming


Gaming has come a long way since its humble roots, the first ‘video game’ having been created in 1958. For over 50 years, then, we’ve seen countless innovations and just about as many flops in the industry; Nintendo came back to dominate sales with the Nintendo Wii, despite such abysmal …
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Steel and Bullet Chess Set: Play it with Nerves of Steel


The game of chess can be traced way back to the 6th Century AD. Centuries have gone by and the game board and its counters have appeared in various forms. One very recent version has been designed as the Bullet Chess Set.

The 3/16 inch flat and 1/2 inch square solid …
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AutoFrost Cake Decorator: A Pastry Chef’s Death Sentence


Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, that has led to the invention of various devices to ease off our burden. AutoFrost Cake Decorator is one such invention and this machine is designed to free you from manual decoration of the cake.

The AutoFrost Cake Decorating Machine has been designed …
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PadPivot: Use the iPad From the Comfort of Your Own Lap


We’ve all seen tons of iPad stands as of late, and they all seem the same. The problem is that they all need a desk to rest on.

Independent designers Jim Young and Bernie Graham saw a problem with the iPad, tablet computers, and various other eBook readers. They realized that …
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Google Translate for Android Gets Revamped


Google Translate has been around for quite some time. While not too many people use it on a daily basis, Translate has still been a useful tool for many.

From being a French teacher’s worst nightmare (along with Free Translations) to legitimately help share new ideas from around the world, Translate …
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Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Turquoise T-Shirt


Post-Christmas blues really kick in when I start reminiscing on the TV marathons: TBS’ annual 24-hour airing of A Christmas Story, Christmas cartoon specials, Godfathers I & II, Jack Frost, and who can forget the non-stop Star Wars? While the latter seems a bit unusual, I’ve noticed this Christmas that …
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WOWee ONE: A Perfect Companion to iPod and iPhone


The WOWee ONE is an awesome speaker that offers quick compatibility with iPod, iPhone and iPad.

This portable speaker is designed to deliver a full range frequency response ranging from mid to high frequencies. The Gel Audio™ driver incorporated in the WoWee ONE ensures an impressive extended low bass frequency response.

WOWee …
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Take Safety to the Next Level With the iCar Black Box


While many of us have only been in minor traffic collisions, driving is a very dangerous act. With so many negligent drivers on the road, you may be wondering how you can keep yourself safe. Or maybe you’re worried that you’ll be wrongfully blamed for a collision that wasn’t your …
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30 Photobombs


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