Sound in One Direction

Are you interested in the sonic? How about the supersonic? How about the… ultrasonic. Behold what designer Adam Moller calls “Klang Ultrasonic Speakers,” a vision in gold and black. These speakers are a pair that emit low-level ultrasound from a node attached to a dish. When this happens, this node’s relative location to the focal point of the dish determines where the signal will spread.

You’ll be able to, with these speakers, control where the sound is heard by adjusting the signal’s spread via these nodes. Like to blast some sounds, but only in one direction? No problem. Moller notes: “True binaural sound is also achieved as only the left ear hears sound from the left transmitter, and only the right ear hears sound from the right transmitter; depending upon the placement of the transmitters, of course.”

Lovely work!

Designer: Adam Moller


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