Spring + Gear + Motor = Energy

It’s completely brilliant! Can you take this idea apart? This is a portable spring driven power generator design concept by designer Satoshi Yanagisawa, one that says you’ll be able to recharge your daily portable gadgets anytime anywhere without further negative impact to the environment. Sounds alright! The name of this project is “Cyclus,” and it’s a spring driven personal electricity generator. A hand held device that, when its bottom is twisted, provides 30 minutes of energy via the inner located spring via “rotation energy.”

The energy generated, Yanagisawa says, is enough to drive the DC motor (in the upper part of the device) to produce energy approximately equal to 6.6V 3W. Yanagisawa envisions this device as a catalyst for the next generation of ideas that generate social togetherness as well as electric energy.

Designer: Satoshi Yanagisawa


One thought on “Spring + Gear + Motor = Energy

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