Wonderful watches

real fake watches

‘even a broken clock is right two times a day’ is a common phrase, which is perfectly suited to these watches.
‘real fake watches’ are made without a working time piece on purpose. these watches are considered more of
an accessory since their time telling function is pretty much non existent. users can even customize the time
when the order the watches.


nooka watches

nooka is a design company which began when its founder mathew waldman began creating new ways of
representing time. waldman’s graphical and linear methods for representing time were so unique he was
able to patent them. he briefly licensed his designs to seiko but now produces his own series of watches
employing his unusual time telling ideas. while the watches show time in new ways their design is just as
innovative and unusual. bright colours, asymmetrical faces and blending analogue and digital are common
nooka design features.


m60m watch

this handless and faceless watch was created by designer roger kellenberger. instead of using hands to tell the time,
the watch has a rotating inner ring. this ring shows the time based on its alignment to the stationary marks on the outer
ring. because there is no face, the watch is completely see through.


odm pixel watch

don’t be fooled by appearances, this watch may look like a simple metal bracelet, but with the touch of a button
its face lights up to reveal the time. the watch is able to appear and disappear thanks to a thin electro-luminescent
panel which emits a bright glow.



made by the erich lacher watch factory in germany, the ‘abacus’ watch tells time through a single ball bearing
which seems to float on the face of the watch. the ball is actually held in place with a magnet which hides behind
the face and incrementally moves with time. because the design is extremely minimal, telling the time is pretty


negative positive

architect frank gehry designed this unusual watch for fossil. instead of using a numerical display,
it features the time represented in handwriting. to add to the personal feel, the time is written as one
would say it. for example 9:52 is written as 8 til 10. the watch’s face is a large led screen and can
switch from showing the time in positive space to negative space.


urwerk ur-202

this unconventional watch uses telescoping minute hands that adjust to a linear time line on the bottom of the
watch’s face. the minute hand also has three arms which each rotate to show the hour. the hand being used
signals the correct hour, while the other two remain inactive.  the watch also powers itself by using
compressed air which it makes using small wind turbines on the back of the face.


steampunk watches

what these watches lack in innovative ways of telling time, they make up for with the outlandish form factors.
this collection of steam punk style watches look like they are relics of a different world, complete with pistons,
straps, springs and other mechanical fixtures.


tokyo flash watches

tokyo flash sells unique and unusual watches from japan. while the designs are innovative and represent time
in a plethora of ways, many of them are perhaps a little too complicated. flashing leds, equalizers and animations
are only some of the ways these watches tell time.


e-paper watch

seiko became the maker of the world’s first e-paper watch when it released the spectrum svrd001.
the limited edition watch uses a flexible e-paper electrophoretic display (epd) which displays in black
and white. the paper is framed by a metallic watch which resembles a bracelet.




while this clock is only a concept, it is interesting none the less. the large structure would be made from three concentric
rings made of recycled glass. powered by tidal turbines, aluna would illuminate to track the moon’s movement. based on
the pattern illuminated viewers could read what phase of the cycle the moon is in.


life clock

nothing seems out of the ordinary when you first look at this clock. upon closer inspection, you may
notice the numbers seem a little high. this is because one rotation of this clock is equal to the average
human lifespan. the clock is an artwork by bertrand planes which uses an ordinary clock slowed
down 61320 times to make each minute equal to a year.


clocks by ross mcbride

‘time table’

tokyo based designer ross mcbride has a bit of a fascination with timepieces. he has produced his own line
of watches and designed many clocks, however his concept timepieces are where he really excels. one such
design is the ‘time table’, which uses electro-luminescent film to display the time on a table. other designs include
‘wave clock’ which uses magnetized ball bearings to show the time on a rippled base and the ‘aitkenhead clock’
which has a central hand to show the hour and a minute hand which moves around the face instead of simply


‘aitkenhead clock’ & ‘wave clock’


this clock was created by the designers at art lebedev to tell time the way people do. ‘verbarius’ spells time differently
every minute on its small display. so 4:45 is displayed as forty-five minutes past four and 12:00 is simply midnight.
the clock speaks russian, french, german and spanish too.


canna clock

not only does this clock represent time in a unique way, it also happens to use liquid to do it. ‘canna’ is designed
by swiss clock maker heinz mutter. the clock has 12 glass tubes which get filled with coloured liquid as time
progresses. once the clock hits twelve the tubes empty, ready for a new cycle.


nixie clock

the nixie clock uses 6 cold-cathode tubes, also called nixie tubes, to display the time. each tube has a cathode
in the shape of the numbers one through nine. to display a numeral, power is sent to the individual cathode,
which correspondingly glows orange.


around clock

this clock represents time on a linear scale. the minutes and hours are printed on the outside of a circle,
which rotates with time and can be read by a stationary red bar. the clock is designed by anthony dickens.


corpus clock

200 engineers, artists and scientists collaborated with designer john taylor to make this clock.
the design was made to commemorate john harrison, a pioneer of longitude and clock maker.
the clock uses lights to represent time as it shines through slits in the face. the grasshopper
on the top moves around the clock face one second at a time.




designers hayat benchenaa and garikoitz iruretagoiena teamed up to design the ‘sfera’ alarm clock for snoozers.
the clock is hung from the ceiling and when the alarm goes in the morning, the user has to get out of bed to turn
it off. simply tapping the alarm will set it into snooze mode and raise it further away.


grenade and bomb alarm clocks

there are some strange alarm clock and these two are perhaps the most explosive of the bunch. the grenade
alarm forces its users to throw it at the wall to turn it off. the bomb alarm clock requires less force and more
thought. to turn off this alarm the user must plug in three wires, just like a bomb diffuser.



designed for the heaviest of sleepers, clocky tries to force its users from bed by hiding. by mounting the alarm clock
on a set of wheels, clocky can move around your room and find a new hiding spot everyday. in order to turn off the
alarm, the user must get out of bed and search for clocky.


on off alarm

this alarm clock uses a unusual method for activating the alarm. simply tilt the bent design one way
to set the alarm and the other way to turn it off. be careful not to knock it over in your sleep or you
will definitely be late work.



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