High-Tech Modular Clothes Rack Makes Line Drying a Breeze

Some people are content to toss things straight from the washer into the dryer, but others of us prefer to let things dry on a line – not always an easy task in a small urban apartment or condo that lacks adeck or garden.

There are many simple solutions for drying clothes indoors, but few that feature all of these elements: easy take-down, quick assembly and (best of all) heat and wind to make things dry faster so you can put them away again.

The idea is simple and immediately apparent from the pictures: a blower is hooked up to the main line from which hangers are suspended. These have hollow arms and hooks, funneling warm air through them and out through the inside of suspended clothing.

Everything is designed to slot into place, so the entire system can fold up and be put into a closet when not in use.  Like so many good designs these days, the designer (Qin Shuai) is still in pre-production mode, but perhaps a forward-thinking home appliance manufacturer will pick this up and mass-produce it in the near future (modular and mobile makes things easier to build and ship, too!)


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