Hot Water to Go: Portable Battery-Powered Drink Heater


It seems like there is always a new cutting-edge coffee pot, an innovative grinder or some other gadget related to heating your favorite beverage in a complex and new fashion. Some of these have way more bells and whistles than one could ever need and are as likely to break as to work.


Contrasted to other often-complex designs of its type this concept is remarkably simple and elegant: a battery-powered portable water heater from Zwilling that slips onto the side of a mug and uses battery power to heat your drink. An indicator light comes on when the water reaches an ideal temperature.


8 thoughts on “Hot Water to Go: Portable Battery-Powered Drink Heater

  1. We need a portable water heater, but this idea posted here is a fantasy. Even a huge 12 volt auto battery takes over 4 minutes to heat an electric element to boil water – try it and see. This device above is a concept ONLY school project, from a non-engineer. It can not work due to the amps required from a large power source, so it will never be produced and you will never see it for sale.

  2. How are they charged? I’m looking everywhere for a immersion heater that I can power via USB from a power pack when camping.

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