Power flowers

‘power flowers’ by NL architects
images courtesy of NL architects

amsterdam based studio, NL architects has designed ‘power flowers’,
urban windmills that can be used in densely populated areas. resulting
from an ongoing investigation into the potential of wind energy, the
turbines feature multiple branches with propellers of a reduced scale.

the altered design, available in two sizes, allows multiple turbines to be closely grouped

unlike the omnipresent three-blade turbine that requires an open radius
five times their diameter and a heavy duty infrastructure, ‘power flower’
provides a less obtrusive option that can be located in domestic environments.

the tree-like design is safer and more welcoming then the traditional three-blade model

the reconfigured design features a vertical axis design that can produce
energy with wind from any direction. intended as a tool that can be used
alongside other sustainable initiatives, the turbines can be connected to
smart grids and solar panels.

detail of the miniature propellers

two models – a larger and a smaller – generate a range of energy output
and mounting options, making it ideal for both commercial and residential

the new design can be located next to the source that requires energy

the turbines can be mounted virtually anywhere

detail of propeller

top view of small and large turbines

diagram of spacing required for ‘power flowers’

diagram of spacing required for three-blade turbines

technical drawing of small model

technical drawing of large model


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