Concept Light bulb

‘insight lamp’ is a fluorescent bulb that plays a joke on the classic good idea light bulb joke.
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hybrid halogen-CFL light bulb

general electric will launch a new hybrid halogen and compact fluorescent bulb that combines the strength of each lighting type in a single design.
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plumen 001 light bulb

known for their repurposed retro phones, hulger has now designed a low energy light bulb with a unique twisting design.
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eric therner: diamond light

the diamond light is a new design by the young swedish designer eric therner which is a light bulb with the iconic form of a diamond.
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nokero LED light bulb
published 06.13.10

while LED light bulbs are only just emerging in europe, asia and north america, nokero is working on versions designed for use in rural africa and india
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GE LED light bulbs

GE is preparing to release two new energy efficient LED light bulbs designed for commercial usage
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toshiba lighting systems at milan design week 09

the installation is a collaboration between toshiba, takram design engineering and architect ryo matsui.
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ingo maurer: euro condom
published 04.23.09

how to protect yourself from stupid rules: the euro condom
as part of milan design week 2009 the german designer ingo maurer unveiled ‘the euro condom’
created in response to new EU guidelines that will see frosted light bulbs banned.

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tokyo design week 08: flat bulb by joonhuyn kim
published 11.05.08

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x-ray lights by won-suk cho

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LED lightbulb

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