Fabulous Swedish Apartment

Hello friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! We had far too much rain here…although it did allow me to spend some time finding inspiration online. I am constantly amazed at the endless sources of gorgeous ideas on downsized living. When I found this amazing loft in Sweden via here, I knew I had to share it with you!

Let’s take the tour of this beautiful 657 sq. ft. dwelling…

197 Fabulous Swedish Apartment1114 Fabulous Swedish ApartmentPale floors and walls make the space feel expansive. The playful pops of color add interest and create focal points. Love that pink couch!

5 1021 Fabulous Swedish Apartment

Wall mounted shelving provides plenty of storage without visually taking up square footage. Streamlined tables with slender legs keep the furniture light.

4 1099 Fabulous Swedish Apartment
131 Fabulous Swedish Apartment1212 Fabulous Swedish ApartmentBefore we head to the gorgeous kitchen and terrace…let’s take a peek into the bedroom and bath…

1581 Fabulous Swedish ApartmentThe whimsical wallpaper really gives  the room personality and is perfectly balanced with the white bedding. So fresh! Notice the sweet floating bedside table too – remember the more floor you see the bigger a room feels!

1891 Fabulous Swedish ApartmentAlthough simple, this bathroom has a lovely appeal with the candy striped curtain and punches of red!

6 9841 Fabulous Swedish ApartmentOn to my favorite part…the kitchen and terrace! Wait till you see it…you won’t want to leave.

7 8902 Fabulous Swedish ApartmentIsn’t it fabulous? I love the contrast of the light wood floor with the dark tile of the kitchen. Again, the use of bold colors in the back-splash balance all the white and you gotta love the abundant sunlight! Speaking of the sun, ready to step out onto the amazing terrace?

2 12461 Fabulous Swedish Apartment

2081 Fabulous Swedish Apartment


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