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Innovative Bed Designs

innovate bad brown Innovative Bed Designs

Over that past few thousand years, beds haven’t really change much in their purpose or design. In fact it wasn’t until relatively recently that we began to use beds for entertainment purposes.
Over the last fifty to sixty years or so however, we are slowly beginning to see the common bed evolve into something that is much more than just a place to sleep.

Take a look below at some of the wackiest, innovative and exciting bed designs currently available on the market!

TV Bed
Almost taking lazy to a new level, television beds are a wonderful combination of two of the things that we love the most!

With your bedroom television sliding away into the recesses of your bed, there really is no reason to fear losing the remote as the television slides away with the press of a little leather button.

With so many beds available the tv beds centre’s wide range of double tv beds are some of the finest on the internet!

Indoor hammock bed
Indoor hammock bed Innovative Bed Designs
If you’re a fan of the laid back kind of lifestyle, than this rather Homer Simpson-esque hammock could well be the one for you!

With these kinds of sleeping arrangements being the staple for the common man for thousands of years, there is something absurdly natural about sleeping within a hung bed.

Slung Between two walls on heavy duty chains, this single ‘bed’ is surely one for those who crave a life of laid back luxury.

Magnetic Bed
air bed Innovative Bed Designs
Described as a reverse of reality, if you fancy spending £1.6 million on a bed, you could find yourself floating above the floor in an almost supernatural trance.

Though not quite as different from a normal bed, and really quite similar to the hammock bed (with no strings), the magnetic bed however, is quite a stunning innovation and will form a beautiful plaything for the superrich.

You may not find a magnetic bed in your home any time soon, but if you ever get the chance, we recommend a night sleeping on air!

Gold Plated Bed
gold bed Innovative Bed Designs
A bed that you may find in the home of a wealthy sheik or Middle Eastern overload (see the film, The Devil’s Double), this gold plated bed says the word ‘wealth’ like no other.

Found at a less expensive price than the magnetic bed, coming in at $676,500, the 24 karat gold bed features beautiful Swarovski crystals as well as Bose sound system, blu-ray player and foldaway plasma television (also plated in gold).

If you fancy having a house party however, you may want to count your crystals before and after the event!


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