A Pen that helps artists to digitize their work.

Bringing your finely crafted art from paper to the virtual world can still be a pain without the right tools, but this pen is the best tool we’ve seen yet. Say goodbye to headaches.

Technology and art are no longer mutually exclusive and one feeds off of the other, and generate some fantastic synergy between the two. Yet, turning art, doodles, drawings and sketches to digital remains a rather painful, cumbersome process, and some users just prefer drawing on paper first instead of on their tablets. This is the group this $169.95 Instant Transmitting Paper To iPad Pen is aiming to please.

What this pen does is digitize whatever you do on physical paper so it shows up on your tablet screen too, so the author is left with both a digital and a hard copy of whatever they just did. This is useful not only for art, but also for taking notes in class or at a meeting.

The way it works is that It has the pen pair up with a receiver clipped to the top of any surface, and transmits a digital version of each and every trace to a tablet or smartphone.Furthermore, this content can be saved (up to 100) pages at a time and be transferred later, which isn’t bad at all.

Source : http://www.reality-info.com/2014/12/how-was-your-life-like-before-there.html


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